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Have you tried meditation? I've been using an app called Balance. Balance customizes sessions based on your feedback of what works for you.  Cool!  When I feel I've mastered breathwork, the focus changes to another foundation builder like visualization.  When I only want music or a timer to meditate with, I use Insight Timer. Insight Timer has thousands of free meditations as well as classes.  You can even see which friends in the area are meditating or join a group meditation.

My Favorite Things!

  • China Gel - This is a cooling gel that help calm down sore muscles.  This works on muscles and joints to decrease inflammation and block pain. In an aloe vera base with essential oils like lavender, chamomile and wintergreen it smells better than medicated rubs, works longer and doesn't contain a bunch of chemicals. Great for morning before work or at nighttime on larger areas. Get it at or
  • Salon Pas - These medicated patches are inexpensive and long acting for those stubborn areas of tightness.  Especially effective at night and if you need relief during a long work day. Available at Target and Walmart which is great if you need relief at midnight!
  • Hot Flash - This is a herbal remedy for those of us "at a certain age" who wake up with night sweats or get hot flashes.
  • Water - Many of us walk around in a state of dehydration.  I carry a water bottle or a glass of water with me everywhere.  I find that sipping water helps me stay hydrated. If you need extra flavor, add sliced berries and/or mint. No, coffee and soda don't count, ha ha!
  • Yoga/stretching - We do so much that tightens our muscles, how about stretching to elongate them?  I've found a few poses/movements that help me feel awesome and repeat as desired.
  • Joyful movement - I love dancing, swimming and walking my dog. As I've matured, I've realized that the negativity of doing exercise I dislike overshadowed the positive effects.
  • Meditation - Retraining your brain to focus on the here and now can help reduce anxiety and depression.  Meditation can also help you hold your body in a more relaxed state.  Use the free version of apps to try them out and find one that works for you. I've used Headspace, Insight Timer, Deepak Chopra's 21-day Meditation Experience, Calm and most recently, Balance.  Balance customizes your experience based on your feedback of what is helpful to you.