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​​​​​Mia Massage

Swedish Massage

Relax and de-stress as long, gliding strokes are applied with light to moderate pressure.  Soothing to the body and mind while supporting health.

30min $50 Back, neck, shoulder massage to smooth and soothe. Instead, can choose lower body.

60min $80 Full body massage with a focus on relaxation

90min $110 Swedish massage with extra time to address areas of discomfort

120min $140 ​Long, float-away massage (longer than most movies!) for complete relaxation and reset of the body and mind

Therapeutic Massage

A more focused massage on specific problem areas

30min $65 Deep tissue techniques on one area of concern

60min $95 Deep tissue techniques on 2-3 areas of concern

90min $125 Deep tissue techniques with a broader focus of issues

Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage

Massage focused on sore areas during pregnancy and taking care of Mama and baby

60min $80

90min $110

Oncology Massage

Special training allows for special considerations during phases of living with cancer

30min $50

60min $80

90min $110

Hot Stone Massage

Float away with the comfort of moist heat as you are massaged with hot Basalt Stones. Clients report feeling comforted, nurtured and a deep sense of relaxation while the stones facilitate healing. This massage helps melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation and metabolism.

60 min $105

90 min $135


Reiki is an energetic technique for stress reduction and relaxation.  Clients often report feeling warmth, acceptance or energy movement/vibration.  Some clients may not perceive any sensations, yet are able to get benefit after the treatment. This treatment is done fully clothed. 

60 min $80

90 min $110

Add-Ons - Please schedule additional time needed at booking to ensure availability

Aromatherapy $5   Essential oils are inhaled during the treatment and mixed with the massage oil which affect mood and relaxation. No additional time needed.

Hot Stone upgrade $15  A great way to sample the hot stone service, stones are used on the area of concern. No additional time needed.

Cupping $15  Cups are used for negative pressure to decompress tissues, helping to relieve pain/pressure. No additional time needed

​Back Scrub $10 Helps to release dead skin and relieve itchiness. No additional time needed.

Eco-Fin hand or foot treatment $10 Environmentally safe paraffin-type product locks in moisture. Additional 15 min. needed.

Hair and Scalp Treatment $15 Hot oil is massaged through the hair and scalp to encourage healthy hair growth and treat dry hair. Additional 15 min. needed.

Foot Reflexology $20 ​Kneading and pressure on the feet to stimulate energy movement and balance in the body

Reiki $20 Energy work to balance energy, encourage relaxation stress reduction. Additional 15 min. needed.

Body Treatments

Scrub and Wrap 60 min $85  Full body scrub to polish the skin followed by lotion application and a body wrap to lock in moisture.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.